Medical advertisement

Medical advertisement

  • Preliminary evaluation of audience-oriented messages and advertising campaigns

  • Checks on new distribution means

  • Information about times and modes for reception of advertising texts and means for authorization request

  • Control and amendment of any potential errors in texts involved in advertising campaigns authorized by the Ministry of Health: over-the-counter specialty drugs (OTC) for human and veterinary use, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices and presidi medico-chirurgici

  • Preparation of applications and their submission via PEC to the Ministry of Health

  • Application, follow-up and evaluation of the Ministry of Health opinion until authorization achievement

  • Control and accuracy of the promotional messages authorization

  • Evaluations about possible authorization extensions on already authorized promotional means

  • Control, evaluation and potential modifications of corporate or product websites for authorization request

  • Control and potential amendments of texts for freely performed advertising campaigns for cosmetics and nutritional supplements

Scientific information

  • Regulatory consultancy in the field of scientific information

  • Possibility to assume the role of scientific responsible person

  • Evaluation of the promotional material to verify its compliance with current regulations

  • Deposit of promotional materials

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